My new years resolution 2019

Hello to one and all!

New years resolutions don’t turn out exactly the way we plan it most of the time and I’m sure most of us.. Or rather all of us can relate to this.

Nonetheless that does not mean we shouldn’t try setting our goals for this year because you never know which year holds your luck.

I think for me right now the biggest thing could be completing a novel that I’m working on.This sounds easy because most of you would be thinking all it takes is writing but however it always seems like there are obstacles in the path.

Sometimes it’s school other times not feeling well enough or being in a negative environment.If we think about it there are 365 days in a year yet we still manage to not have enough time to do what we want and I’m sure most of you guys would agree with me.

However this year it’s my ultimate goal to complete writing a novel and hopefully a good one at that!

Another new years resolution of mines is learning how to perfect my makeup.This is something that I have been trying to work on for a while and as someone who really loves doing makeup I find that I should learn how to do it up to its standards.

Increasing my grades in school! This is also another one to add to the list, with a new year of school starting here in actually three days I’m going to have to increase my grades big time and learn to manage my time. I’ll take you guys through my study sessions in upcoming blog posts.

I think that for all of us including me if we really want our goals to be achieved we have to absolutely dedicated to work through every obstacle in our path, we have to remember the fruits of our hard work that we will receive at the end.

This year shall be the year that we can strive to achieve better and as hard as this sounds but we can do it.

Until next time