What’s in my school bag 2019

Hello to everyone and welcome back to another post!

Today I decided since there’s practically three days left for school I should do a ‘What’s in my school bag’ post.

These posts are fun to do and hopefully you all think the same to.

In my bag :

My bag usually is very heavy because of all the books that I carry but now that the year has just started it’s going to be quite light and not have many things stored inside.

– I have a planner in my bag starting as of now, usually I’m very unorganized for school and miss most important dates which is why I decided to get a planner and use it, phones aren’t allowed during school hours so it’s hard to use apps but however if you guys do want to see which apps are best for school leave a comment down below and I’ll make sure to do a post on it.

– I also have a journal book with me, because I love writing and as you guys know I’m working on a novel and sometimes ideas come and I’ll end up forgetting them later,but with my journal I can write down my ideas and later check back on it.

-On the side pocket of my bag I have another miniature bag and in it I keep a hand sanatizer, hand cream, deodorant and lip balms.

– I also keep my pencil case in the side of my bag, I used to love buying a lot of stationery but I realized that I don’t use them much so I have just the essentials like a pen pencil eraser and sharpener along with my calculator.

-I also have a spare set of keys for my house which I keep attached to a keyring in one of the smaller pockets in my bag.

– I have a set of headphones in my bag too.

-Then I have notebooks for my lessons and that’s basically it.

I think that personally I wouldn’t carry too much to school because it’s like extra baggage.I think we just need to make ourselves more organized and have our supplies looking aesthetically pleasing for us to be more motivated to study and do well.

I think that’s all for now.

Leave a comment down below on what is the most important thing that you carry in your bag everyday.

Until next time



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